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Shortlist Service


How much easier would it be knowing that you'll receive a minimum of 3 - 5 highly suitable candidates for your role before you even start?


How much time would you save by never again having to worry about the time consuming and frustrating initial stages of the recruitment process?


  Our Shortlist service provides a simple and e effective way for busy Manager and HR departments to outsource the most tedious and "low payoff" elements of the recruitment process while keeping the cost as low as possible.


Shortlisting offers all the benefits of our aggressive advertising strategies designed to attract numerous high quality applicants and guarantees a minimum of 3 - 5 high quality and 'ready to interview' candidates without you even lifting a finger.


We read assess every application and match them against your specific criteria.
Unsuccessful applicants are notified promptly, and applicants that satisfy your criteria are then interviewed via telephone to further determine suitability.


On average, the most highly desirable candidates for any role accept offers of employment within only 72 hours and it is for this reason that we contact candidates without delay to ensure you the opportunity to present your offer.


Shortlisting is an effective recruitment tool that is highly relevant to today's difficult employment market. Candidates often provide us with very positive feedback due to the sheer speed of the process, which also reflects well on our client employers.


  At only $1,650 +GST including advertising it represents unbeatable value.  Try it today.





More about our other Employer Services: Placement ServicesJob Ad Packs