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Resolve Consulting gives you the choice of three highly effective recruitment services, each closely related, yet remarkably different in terms of the benefits they deliver.  Both our Placement service and our Shortlist service closely follow our efficient recruitment process, and offer you the opportunity to choose as much, or as little involvement in the recruitment process as you'd like.


  Our Placement service is for those that would prefer to leave the entire process to the professionals while receiving the benefit of a replacement guarantee if things don't quite go according to plan. Our placement service has a market leading 100% success rate.



  Our Shortlist service is designed more for those that choose handle¬† the interview and hiring aspects of the process in-house, but would much prefer to save time and energy by outsourcing the tedious and time consuming initial stages while receiving a guarantee of at least 3 - 5 highly suitable candidates for their role.



  Our Job Ad Packs are simple and highly effective advertising packages incorporating¬† tested and proven strategies to ensure your advertised position if seen by more job seekers.

Our Job Ad Packs include Enhanced ad features to maximise visibility and professional ad writing.

Process Stage
Job Ad Pack
Initial analysis & Position profile

Ad writing and posting
Candidate & Recruiter Database searching
Candidate Evaluation & Shortlisting
Client Interview
Post Offer
Replacement Guarantee



More about our other Employer Services: Placement ServicesShortlist Services  |  Ad Posts