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Placement Service


Resolve Consulting's Placement service is a full recruitment service for permanent placements that provides all the benefits of a well thought out process for as little as half the cost of traditional recruitment.


At only 8.5% + GST of the agreed renumeration package for general placements, this service represents the best value throughout the entire industry.


  Our Placement service uses our entire recruitment methodology to ensure that we attract and secure only the most highly skilled and suitable candidates for your role, and our lightning fast 3 month replacement guarantee gives added peace of mind just in case things don't work out.


We have access to the same advertising resources and centralised candidate databases as other recruiters and work with employers on a 'one on one' basis to ensure a highly quality result. We are proud to state that our success rate remains at 100%. A fantastic achievement in an industry where 1 in 3 is currently the norm.


Our fees are so low due to our highly efficient process and our fair and transparent pricing model which is a combination of both a $1,500 + GST retainer payable prior to campaign commencement, and a success fee component payable only when the successful candidate is appointed, with the total fee being only 8.5% +GST of the agreed package for general placements.




  The retainer/success fee pricing model ensures that our prices remain fair as we don't' have to cover expenses associated with lost commission only races. It also ensures that we'll operate in an efficient and swift manner.


  The days of 15 - 20% commissions are finally over. No other recruitment service even comes close to providing this level of service, results, transparency, fairness and unbeatable value.



More about our other Employer Services: Shortlist ServicesJob Ad Packs