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The Resolve Consulting Recruitment Methodology

We've designed a simple and highly effective recruitment process that is remarkably swift, productive, and above all, allows us to provide exceptional recruitment services at around half the cost.



Our process is as follows:


Initial Briefing & Position Profile
We start the process by gaining a deeper understanding of the client employer and the vacancy.
We create a template that allows us to convey our message with clarity and conviction while also giving us the ability to determine the exact type of individual who would excel in the role.


Advertising & Candidate Search
We cast a wide net to attract the largest number of high quality candidates possible Our aggressive use of online and offline advertising, centralised candidate databases and major online ]people networks' enables us to attract large numbers of both active and passive candidates.


Shortlist & Candidate Evaluation

Resolve Consulting carefully and thoroughly screens all suitable applicants by telephone for quality and we create an initial assessment of the applications ability to perform in the selected role. An interview shortlist is compiled and all candidates are promptly notified of their progress.


Initial Interview
Each shortlisted candidate then participates in a tailored and rigorous pre-employment interview. By tailoring our interview, we uncover specific behavioral and motivational traits and target the unique strengths and weaknesses of the candidate. This gives us a clearer picture of the candidates likelihood of becoming a top performer.


Client Interview
After interviewing, we refine the shortlist further and present it to you with specific information on each candidate, a summary of their experience, and an overview of their motivations. We'll liaise with candidates on your behalf and arrange interviews at your premises at a time of your choosing.



This is often the most difficult part of the process for all concerned. We act as a liaison between you and your preferred candidate in an effort to remove emotion from the process, and rapidly achieve an outcome that is highly amenable to both parties.


Post Offer
Once an agreement has been reached, we'll continue communicating with the successful candidate in an effort to reduce any impact on their decision that may be caused by competing offers and counter offers with are almost inevitable these days. We work with you to ensure your newly secured talent stays with you.